Lavender & Rosemary Cleansing Oil

Yield: 2.5 tbsp


When preparing this cleansing oil, I was reminded of one of the reasons why I love making natural beauty products. It’s an opportunity to reuse packaging. 

Growing up, I had the three R’s drilled into my brain: reduce, reuse, recycle. The last R is by far easiest one to accomplish because it’s just another act of throwing away. Even if the object being tossed isn’t ending up in a landfill, I still feel that we all too easily pat ourselves on the back for throwing perfectly useable items into a blue bin. I know this from experience. As a total neat freak, I love clearing things out as quickly as possible. No clutter, no muss, no mess, no fuss. 

But since I’ve started making natural beauty products, my outlook has shifted. I can no longer look at an empty jar or bottle without first thinking, Could this be used for something else? And not just a beauty product, but anything — to store ingredients or prepared food, or to use as a vase or to-go container. Since I can’t save every jar or bottle that comes through this house, some still end up the blue bin (if I try to hoard more than the dozen or so glass jars I currently have crammed in a drawer, my partner will lose his marbles). Only now I feel guilty, throwing out a perfectly useable object that now has to be transported around and processed before it can be used again. What does that carbon footprint look like? What does the carbon footprint look like for, say, all the peanut butter jars that are being so nobly recycled? Maybe if we all tried to reuse things more, we’d more reluctant to simply toss them out. 


For this cleansing oil, I reused a spray bottle from Saje that a friend had gifted me. It’s a good quality bottle too, made of sturdy amber glass. Funnily enough, on the back of this bottle it says, “Please recycle.” To which I replied, “No! I will reuse you instead.” 

This cleansing oil is my go-to. I use it on most nights to clean my face and remove makeup. The base is an oil blend of almond and apricot, making this cleanser hydrating and skin-tightening. 

The two essential oils are lavender and rosemary. Besides its calming characteristics, lavender is said to be antibacterial with anti-inflammatory properties that helps to soothe the skin. Rosemary is also great in facial products as it’s said to be antiseptic and cell-regenerative. Together, lavender and rosemary give this cleanser a gentle floral and herbaceous aroma, without being too much of either!



  • 1.5 tbsp almond oil

  • 1 tbsp apricot oil

  • 5 drops lavender essential oil

  • 5 drops rosemary essential oil*

  • 1 capsule 200 IU Vitamin E

* Do not use if you are pregnant.


  • In a small spray bottle or bottle with a dropper, add the essential oils. Add the Vitamin E by piercing the capsule and squeezing the contents into the bottle. Discard the empty capsule. Add the almond and apricot oil. 

  • Close the lid of the bottle and shake vigorously to blend everything together. 

  • Label and date.

How To Use

  • Shake before use.

  • Apply 2-3 sprays of oil to the palms of your hands (or, if using a bottle with a dropper, about 5-6 drops). Gently the rub the oil onto a dry face and neck using small circular upward motions. The oil will start to loosen makeup and dirt on your skin. Do this for about a minute or two. 

  • Rinse your face with warm water or a damp warm cloth, removing the oil and makeup/dirt. Option to follow with a face oil or facial moisturizer

  • If you wear a lot of makeup, you may have to do this twice or apply a bit more of the cleansing oil. I myself don’t wear foundation, but I do wear coverup and mascara pretty regularly — plus I fill in my eyebrows because those girls are so blonde and nearly nonexistent!! I’ve had no problem removing makeup with this cleansing oil. 

  • This cleansing oil is versatile, too! Use one spray (or 2-3 drops) to apply it as a nourishing face oil.