Go Oregano Cystic Acne Treatment

Yield: 1.5 tbsp

Go Oregano Cystic Acne Treatment

Cystic acne seems to be a hot topic lately, and I must admit for a while I thought it was just overused click bait terminology. But last year I had my first encounter with cystic acne, and it was not pretty. 

For the first time in my life I was getting acne around my chin (new territory for me). Most of the time, it was just one spot — one angry, inflamed, massive zit that I swear to god had roots. I couldn’t get rid of it. It lived there on my face like an unwanted tenant for over a month. And guess what? When it finally moved out, another one popped up on the other side! These zits were mean, too. Not only were they persistent, but they left scars. Scars like viper piercings on either side of my mouth, only worse because these “piercings” weren’t my choice.

The supposed causes of this type of acne are varied. It’s been attributed to diet or hormonal imbalances or stress. Whatever the cause, I found the suggested remedies unsuccessful. Store-bought facial products didn’t seem to do much, and plus they were expensive! So, I decided to try making one seriously potent, bacteria-fighting spot treatment. 

Well, guess what? I think I found something that works. This treatment not only got rid of my cystic acne, but it would also stop it in advance. If I felt something forming under my skin, I would apply it even before it was visible to stop it in its tracks. Amazingly, I also found that this treatment got rid of my scars, too. I wore those scars for months, but once I started using this treatment they finally began to fade. Viper piercings be gone!

Go Oregano Cystic Acne Treatment 2

I believe that the secret to fighting cystic acne is oregano oil.  It’s an essential oil mighty with antibacterial and antiviral properties, and people often take it when they’re under the weather or feel themselves getting sick. So far, it seems to be the only thing strong enough to take on my cystic acne. 

This treatment is diluted with jojoba oil, a carrier oil that works for all skin types. If there’s another carrier oil that you prefer to use on your skin, feel free to swap out the jojoba. I also added tea tree oil to the treatment, another essential oil great for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also helps to cut the strong smell of oregano!

Interestingly, while this treatment is great on cystic acne, I find it less effective with regular acne. Is this just me? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment below or reach out to me here!

Go Oregano Cystic Acne Treatment


  • 1.5 tbsp jojoba oil

  • 6 drops oregano oil*

  • 3 drops tea tree oil

* Do not use if pregnant. 


  • Add the oregano and tea tree essential oils to a small empty bottle (ideally with a dropper).

  • Add the jojoba oil to the bottle. Close it tightly and shake vigorously to mix. 

How To Use

  • Shake the bottle before use.

  • Apply a few drops of treatment to a reusable cotton pad and dab the oil directly onto any cystic acne. If adding this treatment to your skincare routine, apply the oil after washing your face but before any moisturizers. 

  • Apply 1-2 times a day as needed. 

  • Both oregano oil and tea tree oil may cause skin irritations. Although this formula is properly diluted, if you have sensitive skin you may want to test the treatment out first by rubbing a drop or two on the inside of your elbow to see how your skin responds.